Version 2.2 of GoodFramePlus is released


This new version brings mainly a new licence process.

When you purchase a licence a licence key is automatically sent to you by mail.
You just have to download the software directly on the website.

The advantage is that you cans use immediately GoodFramePus.

To activate your licence, you just have to enter the licence key in the window that appears at the application startup.

Saisie Licence More over, you will be automatically notified when a new version is available during one year. After that you can use GodFramePlus without duration limit but without updates.

If you encounter any problem don’t hesitate to contact me.

The second modification is the folder where are stored the frames and the information.
They are now stored in this folder :

Previously they were stored here :

So if you want to keep them just make a copy from one place to the other.

Many bugs are also corrected in this version and the processing speed has been improved.

New : GoodFramePlus 2.0

Here is a new version of GoodFramePlus, the version 2.0 .

This version brings a some new functuionalities on the photo correction and the filters.
The corrections are now made in “real-time”


Some new filters appeared  :
Original Image





New options for the output are now available. It is possible to keep or not the exif data in the modified photos. It is possible to change the extension of the generated file.

The information items can now have two new positions : top center and bottom center.

Some bugs have also been corrected.

People who bought a License less than one year ago will receive this new version soon.

You can test a demo version here or buy it here.